Hi you! In terms of personal photography projects, I’ve been hibernating for the whole summer. Right now I’m really excited to be preparing for uni.

Here’s a blog post I wrote in February for a school assignment and only published now: http://katajapensas.blogspot.fi/2014/08/am-i-killing-us-softly-too.html


Model: http://falsefragile.tumblr.com/
More about: http://katajapensas.blogspot.fi/2014/05/anni-of-pine-cones.html
Another photo for my university application. Reflecting the emotional roller coaster described here http://katajapensas.blogspot.fi/2014/05/pink-hair-and-syrup.html
Me and juniper
Photograph by Henna

I have got my final final exam tomorrow! :>

Read more: http://katajapensas.blogspot.fi/2014/05/one-and-one-is-more-than-their-sum.html
Me and juniper
Photograph by Henna
A newly published photo shoot with Anni (http://falsefragile.tumblr.com/)
More about it here: http://katajapensas.blogspot.fi/2014/05/anni-of-pine-cones.html

Hello you there, I am very soon in the middle of my IB final exams and thus I’m happy to announce that I will in the near future (after the exams) be back - relieved and more alive than in years!

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