Last summer I wanted to try modelling:
Photograph by Henna

Aino on Flickr.
Thoughts on the photo.

I have now had my photography blog(s) for one whole year! I wrote down some of my ideas about this milestone, shortly comparing my current situation to what it was one year ago. I also collected my best photos from the past year, and all this you can find here

From now on I will call my blog Juniper Photography instead of Juniper Jumper. It’s time to stop jumping around!

I wish Finnish winter was like this all the time, not just one day a year.
I just love these three.

Oh, thank you! :> It’s very nice to get positive feedback on that photo series especially because I don’t really know what to think about it myself. Sometimes I’m super proud of myself but also I’m quite often even a little ashamed of publishing them.

I don’t think I’m going to solve this conflict very soon, but I think it exists because I haven’t done anything like this before so my eye is even less trained for that kind of work compared to the more traditional portraits I usually do.

Third piece of my photographic series discussing the power of dreams and how far one would go for a dream.
First photo:
Second photo:
This is something I did a few months back. It had snowed and I wanted to do something with my cloak and my brand new short hair. I didn’t get my remote control to work in the cold so I had to (somewhat literally) jump around, go back and forth between the camera and the spot where I wanted to be in the photo.
More photos from this shoot:
This is the second image in my photographic series through which I have explored the idea of losing a dream, the moment of waking up and understanding the difference of the dream and the reality, the terror of the dream slipping through one’s fingers, and most importantly what follows from that moment on.
part 1:
more about the work: